Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sweet Fantasies

When cooped in one's room with a flu/cold/virus for a fortnight, the options for entertainment become very limited. My current list comprises wishing for a better immune system, watching episodes of Heston's Feast,  studying (very grudgingly) and whinging almost continuously. Yeah, I know, I'm just FULL of joy when I'm sick.

Which leads me to this post: starved of the ability to head out and satiate my almost chronic desire to eat dessert, I am - in a half-delirious, half-crazed state - going to revist some of my favourite sweet comfort foods.

1. Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Pavlova with Summer Berries.

2. Macarons, La Belle Miette.

I am so addicted to this place, it deserves its own post when I am functioning more like a normal human being. Definitely could go a raspberry or chocolate or salted caramel or pistachio or...

3. Peach & Frangipane Pastry.

4. Stracciatella & Wild Cherry Gelati, Tutto Benne.

The chocolate ripple ice-cream from Jock's and the strawberry gelati from Il Dolce Freddo are pretty damn fine too, but I appear to have eaten all my previous purchases before I could obtain photographic evidence...

5. Ricotta & Nutella Cheesecake, Brunetti

6. Pikelet, Nutella & Strawberries.

I wouldn't say no to the pikelet being substituted for a waffle or a crepe either; I'm just not that fussy.

7. Cherry Pie, Sweet Source

My sister, G, bought this for me last week - what a legend. Nothing beats the tartness of cherries encased in golden pastry.

8. Mango, Toffee, Almond, Chocolate & B&P Spice Blend, Burch & Purchese.

9. Croissant & Dark Chocolate Pudding, Green Refectory.

 Happy om nom-ing!

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